Writing to better the Story

March 10, 2015

I can't tell you how many times I've started to write and have run into a conversation in my head that sounds something like, "the world already knows that," or "there is great article about that already over there," leading to the premature death of an article from my vantage point. Over the past few months as I've started working with the Add-Ons team at Heroku, Craig Kerstiens has given me another round of inpiration to write, about whatever, whenever and from my vantage point. I'm going to give some of these articles another shot. Without knowing it you may have already read some of Craig's work, but if you haven't don't miss, A Product Management Blueprint, When to Ship It, When to Kill It and some of the other great reads found on his site.

I've decided to start writing out my thoughts not because I believe I'm the ultimate source or the most incredible voice to get this information from; but because many parts together create a better whole. That the different vantage points that we have paint the picture as whole better. And on a more personal note the topic at hand becomes even more clear when thought through enough to put it on paper.

The postings may not be long or detailed, but my hope is consistant. Do reach out via twitter if you have any questions for me or have seen something I've done that you'd like more details on. Enjoy.

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