Matt Graham

Product design and frontend development at Salesforce

Delivering apps that cause change.
I'm a product designer and frontend developer living in Port Huron, MI. I focus on what it takes to make simple web applications, successful experiences, while automating all that I can.
I currently work as a senior product designer at Salesforce and focus on our Heroku Ecosystem experiences. Previously at GitHub, Ordered List and other small design and development firms. I love simple, beautiful apps that change the way we live and do things. Please don't hesitate to reach out and say hello @mattgraham.
Atom is an open source text editor built as a desktop application based on web technologies. It has all your native menus and dialogs, and full access to the file system. What makes it different than say Sublime then? The power of the opensource community.
At GitHub I was part of the team who took Atom from a neat idea to a completely open source application that the market is now running with. I helped design and develop base UI and syntax themes, UX experience, marketing materials, among other elements.

Onething 09 Live

Forerunner Music (2010)

  1. Lowest Place
  2. You Made a Way
  3. I Put On Christ
  4. Psalm of Abraham
  5. Where I Belong
  6. My Beloved
  7. People Get Ready
  8. Forevermore
  9. Real Love
  10. Grace to Love You
  11. Reason to Dance
  12. Whom the Son Sets Free
  13. No One Else
Play was how we did music at GitHub. As taken from the readme, "Play is an employee-powered iTunes-based client-driven distributed music server for your office. Also it can prepare your taxes." I never got it to do my taxes, however being able to queue up music across the world and stream along side your remote co-workers; that was done well. Play was a Rails app originally built off iTunes DJ and later moved to MPD
I worked on designing iOS and Android apps, web interface, wrote markup and styles for the web app and even did a little speaking on Play. Additional design elements can be found on dribbble.
Create, manage, and discuss issues and stay up to date with an integrated news feed for all your organizations, friends, and repositories. View your issues dashboard to stay connected with all the issues you've reported, been assigned, or participating in the discussion on. You can also view and filter a repository's issue list and bookmark it for quick access.
GitHub for android still to this day holds a 4.4/5 Star rating and over 450,000 downloads in the Google Play store. I was the lone designer that worked alongside two developers to build and then opensource GitHub for Android.

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