Speaking Out

The roller coaster of emotions while standing on stage

Over a year ago my good buddy had asked me to join an amazing list of speakers to speak at @frontendconf 2013 and after a nervous delay and lots of thought I accepted. I haven't been able to figure out how to say no to Dan, and for sure didn't want to let his gem of a wife Cherri down. I often times put a lot of pressure on myself, and never had been on the stage speaking (yes, this was also my first full public talk) I wanted to make sure I could give something for the audience to take home that would challenge their workflow and lives. This was that talk. Slides on SpeakerDeck.
My hope was to get people rethinking what it looked like to work (and live as you'll see) in community. Some of the things I've learned along the way and some of the things we've stressed at GitHub. Once again, as I share this I hope you can learn that even in the rough spots you are in control of your thoughts and therefore emotions in life; we can and should work better together than we do apart.