Diving Georgia


I had the amazing opportunity to dive into the 6.3 million gallon Atlanta Georgia Aquarium this past week. It was a very VIP dive that required very little searching to find some of the most amazing wildlife the underwater world has inside it. We are guests in their world but were welcomed fondly by 4 Whale Sharks (unto 40’ long), Manta Rays (unto 18’ wide), Eagle Rays, Devil Rays, squadrons of small and large stingrays, Guitar Fish, Sawfish, enormous goliath grouper, Black Tip Sharks and more. They are very well cared for and very comfortable with the visitors to their environment. You’ll catch our photographer (Steve Fair) and dive friend Micky in the tunnel as we swim over it. Enjoy the video.

Matt Graham
Chairperson Dive Team Auxiliary
Search & Recovery Diver / Tender, St. Clair County Sheriff Department